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[Studio Anteros (Katsuragi Maya)] ART OF JUBAKUREIJO 2 (Darkstalkers)

This gallery is full of pictures of hot women being dominated by a tie, and covered with cum. It is even more if you also happen to be a lover of “Darkstalkers” since, as you’ve probably guessed, all the slutty chicks shown in this gallery are from the videogame series!

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Sweet Lil Demon

There are skinny chicks who are sexually attractive? You find succubus chicks sexy? You find futanari chicks sexy? Then this slutty gal Lillith from fighting videogame series “Darkstalkers” is going to be three times as sexy for you on the pages of this hentai-themed parody comics! If you’re a fan of classics you won’t be disappointed – her teacher, mentor and the sexy Morrigan will also make an appearance as well!

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Stalkers Afterdark

If a sexy cat is hot, there’s no way to play chess with her. Except if you intend to provoke her to take the figures off the table and get immediately sexy. This is precisely what this massive werewolf planned and, you know what? It has been successful as you can see from this comic strip that is a colorful parody of hentai!

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A professional and busy woman teaches a small girl how to fall in love. This method isn’t just applicable to porn movies, but also in parodies of hentai. The characters are from the world-famous videogame DarkStalkers Succubus Morrigan, Lilith – giving the whole thing a few more points! It’s hot and sweet!

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[Daigaijin] Hsien Ko vs Jon Talbain (Darkstalkers) [Russian]

Big Bad Wolf versus strange looking fantasy girl – the situation which can be observed in two different ways: either it is “DarkStalkers” match or crazy hentai comics! There’s a third option that is a colorful parody of hentai comics that are based on DarkStalkers. Are you ready for Hsien Ko to confront Jon Talbain as never before? Watch it right now right here!

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[Ratio1 (Ponhosikotu)] Vampires! (Darkstalkers) [English]

When most of the participants at your tournament are busty sexy chicks then there is only one way to make all this thing more interesting – it is to allow them to fuck each other instead of fighting! And since all these gals that we are talking about have come from “Darkstalkers” series then you probably already can guess what kind of madness is waiting ahead! Are you ready?

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OMANKO SAVIOR (Darkstalkers)

It will be quite hard to see any story behind everything that will be happening on the following pages (if there is any story at all) but you still should check this colorful hentai paordy and especially if you are into slutty busty chicks from “Drakstalkers” videogame series and their wet pink pussies which they will be showing quite often and really upclose! Enjoy!

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Croxxx Over

Three beautiful ladies are headed on their way, but an accident caused them to be delayed. One of the girls is behind, and has observed that her companions… both have amazing abs! This has of course resulted in her being incredibly sexy! The girls in question are Makoto Nanaya from “BlazBlue”, Mai Shiranui of “King of Fighters” as well as Felicia of “Darkstalkers”.

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This event of “Street fighter” is expected to be very special because it’s not just for a title but is for the huge and hard cock! The whole bunch of sporty gorgeous ladies will be competing on their skills in sucking, fucking, or riding Ryu’s cock! In the competition, you’ll meet Chun Li, Sakura, Mika and evensome extra guests from other well-known games that involve figting!

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